Dialectical Journal Chapters 10-11 of Harper Lee´s To Kill a Mockingbird

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Dialectical Journal Chapters 10-11 Vocabulary 1. Rudiments- The elements or first principles of a subject. 2. Apoplectic- Sudden and out of control. 3. Philippic- A bitter speech of accusations and disapproval. 4. Umbrage- Offense, annoyance, displeasure. 5. Propensities- Natural inclinations or tendencies. Vocabulary 1. Our instructor said that all we needed to know were the rudiments or horseback riding and then we’d be all set. 2. As soon as my parents tried to put my brother to bed, his resistance became apoplectic. 3. My whole family knew a philippic from my grandmother was brewing as soon as her breath started to shorten. 4. I took a great umbrage towards others making fun of my family. 5. I had a propensity to get angry when called names. Interpreting/Making a Prediction “’Well now, Miss Jean Louise,’ she said, ‘still think your father can’t do anything? Still ashamed of him?’” (Lee 129) Interpreting/Making a Prediction Jem and Scout never would have thought that Atticus would be such a good shooter, because he always seems to hide his talents. I predict that we will learn that Atticus can do more than Jem and Scout thought. Jem and Scout always think of Atticus as just an old man who can’t seem to do anything. But when Mr. Tate handed Atticus the shotgun, they “nearly fainted.” because they were so surprised. Never in their wildest dreams that their old father would have such a skill with the shotgun. The kids seem to continue to learn more and more about

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