Dialectical Journal For The Crucible

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The Crucible
Act one
1. a) Candle - The candle could represent a symbol of hope. Rev. Parris lit the candle while he was praying next to Betty, the candle seems to be going down which could represent how Rev. Parris could have been praying all night, hoping that Betty will get better.

Window – The window could represent the connection between the public and private lives of the characters. The influence of public views on private lives. Somehow, someway everyone in the village tends to get involved in everyone’s problems, nothing can be private.

b) The candle could be a source of light since there wasn’t any electricity back then. In most houses there wasn’t many windows and if there was they were usually narrow due to the cold war.

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Witchcraft and the unknown are a symbol of the towns fear. They believe that if someone starts acting a bit different and if something are off in the town they automatically relate it to witchcraft. They do this without looking at the facts. People in the town start lying and accusing one another to protect themselves, which is all based of on…show more content…
This quote could represent how the government take their view as the correct one, and anyone who goes against it is wrong. This relates to anyone who disagree with the government was seen as a witch, just because they have a different opinion. We can connect this to McCarthyism, if you did not agree with the government you were seen as a communist.

8. This paragraph could mean that you cannot fully judge someone. The church is judging all the people that are being accused just because Abagail and the girls said so. They are not fully listening to the facts or the people. The church doesn’t see how the girls are doing this out of jealousy and vengeance. This could be dangerous because innocent people lives could be at risk, because no one if listening to the true facts, they are just listening to lies.

9. Abigail sees the punishment Tituba went through, so to protect herself she starts “crying out” for witches. She claims she wants to open herself to God and immediately confesses in seeing Goody Good with the devil etc. the other girls follow her. Rev. Hale and the other members of the church/government believe her, so she is free from punishment. Abagail gained a sense of power and respect in the village. She and the other girls keep naming other people including Elizabeth Proctor. She does this to gain revenge because she wishes to have John Proctor all to
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