Dialectical Journals- Things Fall Apart Essay

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Dialectical Journals

1. "His fame rested on solid personal achievements."
Pg. 3 paragraph 1

All fame begins when you do something noticeable. For example, actors and actresses build upon their careers and reputations by achieving excellence in their personal goals, as well as perfecting their public performance.

2. "…It was said that when he slept, his wives and children in his houses could hear him breathe."
Pg. 4 paragraph 1

One question that comes to mind when I read this is if he alternates between homes on certain days or months. From what I understand, it used to be socially acceptable to have many wives and children, but they all lived together in one home, scattered among different chambers within the house. The use
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Often times, nothing is good enough. Many adolescent people can relate to this quote. Parents often force their children into working very hard, (even at an exhausting rate), which makes them feel like their best is not good enough; that they are not good enough to be members in their own family. All of those factors can drive the youth to go into a serious stage of depression or low self-esteem; or become a "sad-faced youth." It is like their time of innocence, fun, and youth is being ripped from their cold, dead hands.

10. "His name was Nwakibie and he had taken the highest but one title which a man could take in the clan."
Pg. 18-19 paragraph 3-1

My personal interpretation of this selection is that no matter how good, rich, powerful, or beautiful you may be, there is always someone who is better than you. You can try and try for many years, (where as many and most people try for their entire life) to be the best, but sadly you will never be the best no matter how good you end up being in the long run.

11. "A toad doesn't run in the daytime for nothing."
Pg. 20 paragraph 6

This symbolically means that tradition is celebrated frequently, such as a toad running during evening as opposed to during the daylight hours. Once a tradition is kept for long periods of time, it is expected by the public to be kept. When a difference in the system becomes obviously visible, (i.e. the toad running during daylight as

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