Dialects, Idoims, Slang, and Pronuciation of the American Language

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Dialects, Idioms, Slang and Pronunciation of the American Language

There are hundreds of regional dialects within the same language. These dialects reflect the everyday experience of people living in different parts of the country and shape their cultural identity. Someone from Pittsburgh sounds very different than someone from Texas, and if they speak to each other, they will have a good guess as to where the other is from. The type of English spoken in the United States is commonly known as American English (Delaney). Various dialects are the result of historical, geographical, and social factors. There is a considerable range of language diversity within each of the different dialectal speech communities, with individual
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Like all languages there is a large amount of social and ethnic variation within the language, but there is also a great deal of variation from British English. (Upton) It has been shaped by its colonial history in cultural aspects, but the separation from England has caused the language to evolve separately. (Upton) Regional dialects in the United States generally reflect the elements of the language of the nationality of the original settlers, or those who have consisted of a large percentage of immigration to the area since then. Sociologists estimate the number of United States dialects range from three New England, Southern and Western/General America to 24 or more. Some researchers even suggest it's actually impossible to count the number of dialects in the United States because under a loose definition of the term, thousands of cities, towns and groups have their own varieties of dialects. (Wolfram, and Schilling-Estes) Accent is the way people pronounce their words, the sound of their voice but not the actual words. Dialect is the actual vocabulary and grammar used by people. Many people tend to get accent and dialect confused. Different regional accents also affect how people are perceived, people can be judged or stereotyped by their accent or dialect. Accent and dialect both pertain to the way people speak, that’s why some people often confuse these two terms. However, they do not mean the same, and should not be used
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