Dialog "Different Means of Travelling"

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L – daughter
O – father
S – mother

S: Darling, where're you? We've already been sitting here for 20 minutes. Come on! Leave your «Babe» for a while. It's important!
L: Yeah, daddy, please. I'm very tired and I want to snooze (вздремнуть), but mom said that I wouldn't go to bed until we came to an agreement.
O: All right, all right. I'm here. «Babe», I'll be back soon.
S: Oh, your car won't disappear unlike us. If you want to stay at home with your dear bucket (груда металлолома), I can easily arrange it for you, and we with Susan will travel the world alone.
O: Oh, women-women, what a wet blanket they are! (Murmuring)
L: Daddy, we've heard every word you've said.
S: Well, we have to define 2 main points: the first one is where to go and
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L: And I'd like to see those colossal ships, I don't remember their name…
S: Cruisers, I suppose…
L: Yes, mom thanks. So I'd like to see cruisers from the landing-stage along the quay, to stand on the top deck and imagine that I’m Rose, the main heroine of the film «Titanic».
O: Susan Brown! You're too young for this kind of adventures and tragic love! All in all, you're not adult enough to have a boyfriend!
L: Nothing serious, it was just a little joke, but it was so laughable to see your eyes which were those of a frightened child, and by the way, daddy, I'm 14.
S: Sweetie, stop making fun of your father. We both are in anxiety about you. But let's return to travelling by ship. I'm sure that breathing a fresh air and admiring sunsets will return a good condition to our nerves and health.
O: Darling, that's all very nice, but I'm not sure about the possible cost of such voyage. It seems to me that it'll be very high, because there're a lot of activities for recreation and entertainment, good conveniences and so on.
L: What are you driving at, daddy? I've always thought that we have enough money to afford this. Am I right?
O: Yes, of course, but your mother wanted to make renovations not so long ago. So I guess that too big expenses are unnecessary now.
S: Well-well-well. It's clear for me that there's smth else in what you're saying. I'm almost sure that your «Babe» has gone dead on you again and you need a repair part. Is it true?
O: Hmmm… Yes
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