Dialogue Between Romeo And Juliet

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Act 2: Scene 2

Juliet: Romeo, Romeo, why do you have to be a Montague? Romeo, change your name, but if it's too much trouble, I'll change mine.

Romeo: Do I tell her I am here? Or do I just keep hiding in the bushes?

Juliet: Do you have to be a Montague? Your name isn't who you are. Without Montague, you'll still be mine, my love.

Romeo: I believe you. Just tell me you love me and I'll get rid of it.

Juliet: Who's there? Tell me!

Romeo: You asked for a name, but I don't know what to give; you don't like my name.

Juliet: I haven't heard many words fall from your lips, but already I know your voice. Is it you Romeo?

Romeo: No longer Romeo, if the name displeases you.

Juliet: How'd you get here? If my family finds you here, they'll kill
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Juliet: And I would readily sooth it, but –

Nurse [from within]: Juliet!

Juliet: Just a minute! As I was saying –

Nurse [from within]: Juliet, what did I tell about spying on that nice man across the street?

Juliet: Um, just a minute, Romeo.

[Exit Juliet]

Romeo: Could it be true? Could she love me? It must be a dream!

[Enter Juliet]

Juliet: Sorry about that. What was I saying?

Romeo: You were saying nothing while I was proclaiming my love for you. Juliet, I love you!

Juliet: I love you too, my dearest Romeo, but this is all a bit sudden, so good bye.

[Juliet turns to leave]

Romeo: It is so easy to come to my love, but so hard to leave her.

[Enter Juliet]

Juliet: I keep trying to leave you out here, but time and time again I find myself drawn back to you. Are you still there Romeo?

Romeo: Yes Juliet, I am here, and I will remain so, my love, until the light in your window has gone dark.

Juliet: Then we may be here forever. It is past time that you leave. I will see you soon my love.

Romeo: I wish that I could be warmed by your heated body while you sleep.

Juliet: I wish the same, my Romeo. For the last time, good night.

Romeo: Sleep well, my love.
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