Dialogue Essay: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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“So you know the plan, right?” Buffy was whispering across the stacks of the Sunnydale library. She didn’t even know why she had agreed to let Spike come. Being close to Giles had been giving her the wigs all week, though. Parent Teacher on Tuesday, and things had sort of… escalated since Spike’s storytime. Things were awkward with the Scoobies and she couldn’t keep avoiding how sick she felt, about Giles and otherwise. Her whole body felt achey, felt worse, and she needed to know why. Buffy still couldn’t be sure this was right, or the right way to go about it. She was sure Giles wasn’t entirely culpable for any of this, if he was even involved at all. But she had to be sure and that’s why Spike was here. Just an extra set of eyes.

“I play hide and seek til the Watcher does something naughty. I’m not daft I was listening the first twenty eight times.” He ground his teeth and ducked back behind a shelf of books. Spike was quite convinced the Watcher was involved, he tasted it. But if was ever going to taste Slayer blood again, he needed to listen to her plan and watch her back. Again, he found
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But that was the problem with trying to look casual, it was practically impossible. Spike was standing behind the medieval times’ books, which could have made her laugh, and it was five to six. Five minutes before Giles had asked her to meet him here. They were supposed to be going over Slayer studies; Giles’ insistence she was supposed to be trying to focus on different types of magic people might use against her. Even though she really wanted to be studying the Master. But it wasn’t a topic they breached easily, especially since Buffy didn’t know if she could really trust Giles anymore. Tomorrow she turned eighteen, and she thought about how other kids her age got to be excited. But mostly she just wanted a break. Maybe a manicure; she bit a fingernail that had just a speck of chipped
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