Dialogue Essay: Piage's Journey-Day

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Page’s backyard looks onto the runway, in the distance we see a large cloud of smoke rising up from the grass field. The screeching noise is at an ultimate high level. Page RUNS towards the sliding glass doors, opens it up, then POUNDS it shut behind him. EXT. PAGE’S DRIVEWAY - DAY A live voltage cable whips furiously in the air. Sparks fly off the cable. CRASH. The cable connected to a transponder WHAMS fiercely into his daughter’s new car. The cable erupts on top of the automobile. The transponder releases from the cable, flying towards a nearby tree. The tree catches on fire. In the distance, Page watches from inside his house. He is on his 1980 handheld mobile phone with his hands covering his mouth. INT. RAY’S HANGAR - DAY Upbeat…show more content…
Although she is young, she has the motherly charm to her. Being gentle and taking her time with Morris. She truly cares for all her patients only wanting to see them at their best. PAT (CONT’D) Is that all? Morris blinks his eyes once for yes. Pat looks at her notepad. Notepad reads: Engine failed accident not my fault PAT (CONT’D) Okay, I will look into it, don’t worry. Olivia collects her blood pressure cuff and stethoscope and walks out of the room. Pat rests the alphabet chart against the wall. PAT (CONT’D) I have to bounce. I’m driving mom to her cardiologist. Bye Morris, I love you. Pat kisses Morris goodbye on his forehead. Morris’s eyes expand from worry. Pat leaves the room. INT. HALLWAY - DAY DOUG, 34, wearing a polo shirt, dress pants, penny loafers, and a Members Only jacket (the man from the photo on Morris’s desk) walks up to the double doors. Double doors read: Burn unit Doug pushes open the doors. He holds a briefcase in one hand and a passport in the other one. INT. MORRIS’S PRIVATE BEDROOM - DAY Doug looks about. Unable to recognize Morris, Doug is just about to leave when Morris locks eyes with him. Doug freezes. Completely appalled by Morris’s appearance, thinking it’s another patient. Not realizing it’s his best
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