Dialogue Essay: The Hero's Journey

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His whole body scorched under the blazing sun. Sweat was dripping down, onto the black car seat. He was contained by heat, although the air conditioning was at full blast. Alistair’s father didn’t seem to mind, he was keen to move into his new apartment in Australia. He was in an extremely joyful mood, even though flies were beginning to encompass him.

“Isn’t Australia wonderful?” Alistair’s father asked.
Alistair was in no mood for talking. He missed his companions at his local school, in America. He didn’t want to move to Australia. He was forced to, because of his unsympathetic father, who wanted to move to Australia for a better job. His mother died a few months ago, and Alistair’s father thought it would be a good idea to restart into a fresh,
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“It can’t be that bad.”
Alistair lost his temper.
“Oh yeah, totally. Losing all your friends definitely can’t be bad.” Alistair folded his arms, frustrated.
Lucas shook his head. Alistair usually wasn’t that bad tempered. He must be really upset, he thought.

“Look, Alistair, I’ll get anything for you. You’ve been telling me that you want a GameStation, I can get that as well.”
“That wouldn’t make up for the loss of my friends, and my mother.”
Lucas sighed. He looked in the rear-view mirror and saw Alistair gaze upon the horizon of the Australian outback.
“We will be arriving at our new apartment in Sydney soon, Alistair,” Lucas uttered.
Alistair shrugged, uncaring about anything except his mother and his friends.

A few hours later, Alistair and Lucas arrived in front of their majestic water-view apartment. Lucas told Alistair they have arrived, and Alistair jumped out of the car, looking down at his sneakers. As Lucas locked their brand-new Volkswagen, he watched as Alistair bring out his phone and tried to text his friends overseas.
“Ugh, no signal,” Alistair moaned, grudgingly. “I need an Australian SIM card.”
Lucas jumped at the moment to make his son smile.
“I can buy one for
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