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Marlene: Good afternoon Houston division, I am so excited to be here with you talking about an exciting quarter for our division. We are so excited to introduce someone who is here with us for the first time. Rachel Ross!

Rachel: Thank you Marlene. In March, I assumed the role of Vice President of Merchandising for the Houston Division. I came from the Michigan Division so the heat and humidity has been quite a change, but being with this division’s team has been so amazing.

Marlene: Rachel, we are glad to have you here and excited about all of the energy you have already brought to the team. First let’s hear from our Division Controller, Akin Akanni, about how we did financially in the Houston Division this quarter.

Akin: Thanks guys,
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He spoke of how rare it is to receive the amazing level service that he provided in other stores. Thank you Brent for giving our customers highly satisfying service. We are so proud to have you on our Houston team.

Marlene and Mike: Way to go Brent!

Rachel: Remember being Friendly and Fresh is how we drive our customer loyalty. And speaking of Fresh...our fresh meat and seafood score was a 58.5% which was a 0.6% decline from Q4 and our Fresh Produce score was a 55.4% which is a 0.5% decline compared to last quarter. District 5 showed improvement in both with a 0.9% increase in their Meat and Seafood freshness score and a 1% increase in their fresh produce score. District 2 also raised their Fresh Meat and Seafood score by 0.1%.

Some of our best performers with all of our priorities in quarter 1 were the following stores-

Stores 180, 300, 609, 38, 190 and 367 all met at least two of the four goals and store 156 has met the goals for In stock, Friendly and Fresh Meat and Seafood! Way to go 156! That team there is really dedicating their energy to doing what’s best for the customer.

Marlene: Well Rachel we did have one of our best quarters for our Customer First Tracker. Our goal is to get to 272 and we ended the quarter with a 266.7 which was a 5 point improvement. We were the most improved division in the entire enterprise, so everyone let’s have a handclap for
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