Dialogue of Personal Identity and Immortality

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In Perry’s Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality there is a conversation between three characters that lasted over a period of three nights. The way the dialogue of the conversation was set up was that each night the topic of the argument will get more intense , tricky and complicated. The argument against and for immortality between two characters, Gretchen and Sam, and the argument of Personal Identity, is in a way inviting the reader or audience to the discussion to create their own thoughts in this discussion. Gretchen doesn’t find life after death as possible and challenges Sam to prove her wrong. In Perry’s Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality , Gretchen is dying and used her last days engaging in a philosophical debate with Sam over immortality or life after death.
In this essay , I will present and compare both sides of the debating argument of immortality.
Gretchen Weirob was a philosophy teacher and Sam Miller is her friend. Gretchen decided to spend her last days debating on whether life after death is possible and on personal identity. There were two debatable topics involved in this philosophical argument between Sam and Gretchen. They were immortality and personal identity.
On the First Night, Gretchen challenged Sam to prove to her that life after death is possible, not probable or likely. According to Gretchen , she believes life after death is impossible based on the bodily identity theory of Personal identity in which a person is
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