Diamond As Big As The Ritz Character Analysis

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The Diamond as Big as the Ritz “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz” takes place in 1920 in Montana. John T Unger is the protagonist being the new student at the new expensive boys’ preparatory school in the world “coming from a family that has been well known in Hales for several generations”. (Bloom) The antagonist is Braddock Washington whom is Percy Washington’s father, and the richest man in the world. Braddock Washington is considered the true antagonist since he imprisoned people thinking they would want to steal his family fortune. “The Diamond as Big as Ritz” is based on a rich family with dynamic characters and conflict with the family’s wealth. The short story “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz” written by F Scott Fitzgerald.…show more content…
His dad convinced him that slavery was still legal, so he captured whomever he thought would get in the way of his money. Mr. Washington wasn’t a very religious man, but when his property was bring destroyed by the planes, he noticed the slaves carrying the diamond across the mountain and beings begging to God offering the diamond as a bribe asking, “restore my life and property to its former glory” (Milne), but the bride did not work. John T Unger develops a crush for Percy Washington’s sister Kismine. When he first sees her, he falls in lone instantly, and she also feels the same way. Later, in the story near the end of the summer, John and Kismine decided that they want to elope since she knows that her father would never approve of their relationship since John wasn’t as wealthy as her family. John then finds out that Kismines father usually kills their visitors before they leave so they will not tell family’s secret. Later that night, John tells Kismine that he’s going to escape over the mountain before her father wakes, but she convinces him that’s she wanted to come with him. (Milne) Furthermore, throughout the story, Fitzgerald decided to use a lot of themes such as the hometown John is from which is Hades in Mississippi. The estate represents the Garden of Eden and the diamonds clearly symbolizes the Washington’s family wealth. It’s interesting how their entire estate was built on a huge mountain of

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