Diamonds : A Symbolism Of Blood

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Diamonds: A Symbolism of Blood or Regality?
Marilyn Monroe’s famous line “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is glamorously known worldwide. It is true that diamonds is what every girl desires for. Diamonds signifies to consumer’s wealth and glamour and are generally associated to gift one another or symbolize romance, marriage, and purity. However, despite how appealing a diamond is, its worth could be someone’s life. This is known as blood diamond or conflict diamond. A blood diamond is a diamond mined from a war zone and sold generally to help a rebel or invading army’s war efforts to gain more weapon and armed goods. Consumers are becoming more aware about the illegal diamond trade through the Kimberly process and the restrictions on diamonds in war zones. Hence, this paper argues that diamonds are a universal desire and through the Kimberly Process, the diamond industry has become more ethical and provides benefits to other regions around the world.

First, the reason why diamonds are desirable is because of the deep tradition of engagement rings and jewelry and how it associated with social status. Every girl is believes or imagines to have an expensive ring. Hence, the demand of diamond as jewelry makes this commodity a desire. Hence, many people are willing to spend money on the sparkle because of the social status and beauty the diamond provides than other basic necessities. Diamond is a global commodity because it is a not produced in every country and is…

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