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Diamonds are the ultimate gemstone, with few weaknesses and numerous strengths. Diamonds are known for being the hardest substance on earth, but few know diamond is four times harder than the next hardest natural mineral. One of the diamonds only flaws are its cleavage. A skilled diamond jeweler can prevent a diamond from being split by positioning it to be struck at the perfect placement. Diamonds have a wide color range, high refraction, low reactivity to chemicals, and extreme hardness and durability. Also, the diamond is Aprils birthstone. Diamonds are typically described as cut, clarity, color, and carat. Cut refers to the shape of the stone and the quality. The cube and the octahedron are normal forms for the diamond to be in. The clarity of a diamond is the presence of its impurities, internal fractures, inclusions and the overall cleanliness in the mineral. Its color, tends to be pale yellow, brown, grey, white, blue, black, reddish, greenish, and colorless. Strongly colored diamonds are much more valuable. Colored diamonds are rare, but that just makes the price go up. A carat is one-fifth of a gram. Diamonds that…show more content…
Before anyone can actually start mining, prospectors have to locate the diamonds first. Once the pipes are found, huge amounts of soil is extracted. In order to make the process more efficient, the rocks and the soil are moved to a different location to begin examination. At that location the ore is processed and the rough diamonds are extracted. Rough stones are then sorted into different categories, there they are sold, cut, polished, and commercialized. Another mining method is called Alluvial Mining. This type of mining is usually in riverbanks or beaches. It involves the building of walls and the diversion of rivers. Once the water gets emptied, bulldozers exploit the ground. When the diamond rich soil is reached, it gets extracted from the ground and transported to a special screening

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