Diamonds : Unique Chemical And Physical Properties

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Diamonds are commonly known for their stunning lustre, representing innocence and constancy. Not only do diamonds have tremendous admiration for their beauty and meaning, their unique chemical structure gains appreciation from scientists across the globe. The word diamond originates from the greek word adamas, which means indestructible. Provided diamonds are the hardest substance on the planet, the definition has significant reason (Helmenstine, n.d.). Having an estimated age of 3.2 billion years, the incredible strength of diamonds allows them to maintain their composition despite significant changes in their environment (Geoscience News and Information, 2015).The extremely strong chemical structure of diamonds contributes to its unique chemical and physical properties, which allow diamonds to be used for a variety of practical applications. Diamonds do not originate on the earth 's surface, whereas they form in the mantle about 150 km below, due to extremely high temperatures of about 1050 degrees celsius and pressures of about 13733 MPa (Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development, 2015). The majority of discovered diamonds have been brought to the earth’s surface in Xenolith, from the earth’s mantle, as a result of volcanic eruptions. Asteroid and meteorite sites also often result in high temperatures and pressures, which release stardust and debris, often including diamond crystals. NASA scientists have found many nanodiamonds in meteorites within our
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