Diamonds: a Girl's Best Friend

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November 24th, 2008 Geology MW 7:45 Extra Credit Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend A diamond is considered to be one of the most precious and rare stones on earth. These stones “are rare for three reasons: they form deep within the Earth in very localized places beneath continents, an extremely unusual kind of volcanic activity is needed to bring [diamonds] to the surface, and only about 20 per cent of them are gem quality” (Fleet, Hart, Wall 23). Not all diamonds are good enough to sell for jewelry purposes but are good for different industrial uses. Many extensive geological processes are involved in the formation of diamonds as well as long periods of time needed. “Diamonds which are mined formed about three billion years ago”…show more content…
A chemical analysis can also aid people in finding the rare kimberlite pipes. The indicator materials can include but are not limited to garnets, chromites, [and certain types of] pyroxene and these sediments can be found “above and downstream from where the pipes occur” (Fleet, Hart, Wall 24). With the test hole, chemical analysis, and magnetic anomaly, there is a lot better chance of finding the kimberlite pipes which is likely to lead to a discovery of diamonds. In the way of diamond clarity, most people hold them at a higher value if they “colourless and clear.” Some diamonds can come out with a tint of blue because of boron, yellow because of nitrogen, pink or red because of an atomic scale defect, green because of radiation damage, or black because of inclusions or irradiation (Fleet, Hart, Wall 26). For thermal properties of diamonds, they take heat away from an object. They essentially pull heat from an object to cool the object down and heat themselves up. A diamond has better thermal conductivity than copper and they are increasingly used to cool things down such as electronics. Also, a diamond will not conduct electricity (The Nature 1). Diamonds have many uses other than for jewelry. Some evidence “suggests that diamonds were being used to polish high quality stone axes in China as early as about 2500 BC.” Throughout Greece and Rome, diamonds were used in jewelry items such as rings
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