Dian Fossey

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Dian Fossey Dian Fossey to me was a very mysterious, somewhat helpful and kind of troublemaking person. She seemed very adventurous and fun but she was also very serious. When it came to her job she was always serious. Dian Fossey studied gorillas. To me it is amazing how seriously she took that job. She did everything she could to protect those gorillas. I think the gorillas brought her happiness but also sadness, and other emotional problems. Dian Fossey lived up on a mountain by her self for a number of years. That begins to have an effect on you as well. It was very lonely up there on the mountain. She got a nickname rom her lifestyle, she was called "Nyirmachabelli", which means the woman who lives alone on the…show more content…
National Geographic was with Dian and had photographers. She figured since they were profiting too, she wanted them to fund her. They agreed and so she set up a group of people to stop the poachers. I think the poachers brought out a bad side in Fossey. When she caught a poacher she was crazy with them. She tortured and threatened until she got what she wanted, then she turned them over to the government. Her poor gorillas had to be safe. Especially Digit, he had to be safe. I think that her hostile and unusual behavior was an effect of her drinking. Also I think that living on that mountain alone started to make her crazy. Her most dreaded thought was the death of digit. She could not let that happen. She saw Digit was growing up. She had new him since he was so little but now she had to accept the fact he was grown up and now has to take his role in the family. He had to watch and protect his family from danger. One day, it happened. Digit was found dead with his body severly mangled. Dian was very angered and saddened by this and she felt she had to do more. She sent letters out to other places letting them know what was going on and when the funding stopped, she turned to her fame with gorillas to recieve money. And when she did, she started the Digit fund. A lot of money was put towards protecting the gorillas.This made the Rwandan government look bad by not contributing to the safety of their tourist
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