Dian Fossey's Gorillas in the Mist Essay

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Dian Fossey's Gorillas in the Mist Gorillas in the Mist is one of the most emotional and inspiring books I have ever read. This autobiography is by, in my eyes, the most admired researcher ever to walk the face of this earth. There is no woman more dedicated to anything than Dian Fossey. This woman stood her ground through thick and thin to protect the lives of one of the most threatened species today.

Dian Fossey was a normal young lady that had the dream of taking part in the research of gorillas in Africa. She attended a conference one evening that was given by Dr. Louis Leaky. Dr. Leaky talked about the enormous problem of keeping the gorillas that roamed the Virunga Mountains of Africa from going extinct. He explained the
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They drove deep into the Congo forest until they stood under the steep mountainside of the Virunga Mountains. Fossey, Sambeggar and the rest of the helpers unloaded the car and began the hours of walking necessary to reach their destination. Finally, they reached an opening in the woods where a small, worn down shack stood. They unpacked the bags of supplies and clothes and settled in.

At first chance, Sambeggar and Fossey took off into the mountains in search of the gorillas. After five hours of walking, Fossey finally asked Sambeggar where he was taking them. Sambeggar told her that he was not a gorilla tracker, for he only tracked gazelle, antelope, and elephant. For six months, no gorilla had been seen by any of the men.

Finally, after six months of seeing nothing, Sambeggar and Fossey found a group of gorillas nosing their ways through the thick underlay of the forest. As Fossey stares in amazement at the beautiful group of gorillas, the lead “silver back” spots them. He begins to charge at them. Fossey and Sambeggar retreat through the woods and escape the huge “silver back”.

A few days passed and Fossey continued to see the gorillas. But, with the force of the civil war troops, Fossey is forced to move to the other side of the mountain range.
Here, she located a different group of gorillas. She named the group, Number Four. She studied this group of gorillas for a long

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