Diana Degette Of Colorado Case Analysis

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Since 1997 Diana DeGette of Colorado has been representing the 1st Congressional district. For the past eleven years she has represented the people of her district which includes most major parts of the city of Denver including “Englewood, Littleton, Columbine, Ken Caryl, Glendale, Cherry Hills Village, and Sheridan” This district in Colorado is entirely made up by an urban population. None whites make up 30.33 percent of the population, mostly taken up by Latinos. The major industries within her district include public transportation. She also has served as Chief Deputy Whip since 2005 where she helps fellow people from her Democratic Party vote a certain way. Since Diana is a democrat she has much support from Colorado whom also is a…show more content…
She also fights for the reproductive rights in woman as well as family planning for those who are in need. Diana is prochoice and serves as the Co-Chair Pro-Choice Caucus. She believes this is a time where women’s health care is always being questioned and she wants to ensure the betterment of Planned Parenthood funding, here there is better access to birth control for woman at lower prices. Recently she wrote on facebook “We must remind the President that birth control is health care, plain and simple, and his decision could rip this essential aspect of care from tens of millions of women”. Diana believes it is a right to have these easy to access for more people. If President Trump plans to continue with the abonnement of these programs many woman will lose to opportunity to have proper care . LGBT issues also play a huge role of her time in the house. She serves as the Vice Chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus as well as her 20 other caucus she is a part of and supports. She has cosponsored 11 out of the 19 bills pieces of legislation that has made up this Caucus.
Diana is a fourth generation of her family to live in Colorado. She Graduated from high school and attended Colorado College and received her B.A in 1979. I believe this gives her a strong sense of trustworthiness towards the people of her state. After college she went on to Law ain New York at the School of Law. Diana is also a
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