Diane Marie Corbliss 's Life

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Diane Marie Corbliss was born on December 04, 1953 at 8:17 am. She was born to Robert Joseph Corbliss and Geraldine Corbliss at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. Little did Robert and Gerri know that this baby would grow up to be an amazing grandma, friend, mom, sister, aunt and person. I chose to write this biography about Diane because she has had an amazing life consisting of six decades to date. She has had many significant life experiences and challenges to overcome. I also wasn’t very knowledgeable about her life story, which first started in the Bronx, New York.
Diane grew up the second child in her family. Her older sister, Kathleen (more often known as Kayce) is 21 months older than she. Geraldine says that Diane was a
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This dangerous abscess resulted in Diane catching pneumonia. She was stuck in the hospital for ten days. After these torturous ten days, Diane was sent home to recover. The day of her long awaited homecoming, her younger and older sister came down with chickenpox. Two weeks later, Diane caught the contagious virus. After a ten day bed rest, she was finally allowed to go outside and play with her siblings. She was playing on their swing and suddenly her chest was aching and Diane could not catch her breath. Thankfully, she ran inside to tell her mother who rushed her to the local hospital where she was told her lung had collapsed. The doctors told her that if her mother would have waited another fifteen minutes, Diane would have most likely died since her other lung was in the process of collapsing.
She then started schooling at St. Joseph’s Catholic Elementary school at age five. She was an excellent student and even skipped kindergarten. Her best friend all through schooling was Kathy McCormick. Kathy, Kathy’s sister Laura, Kacey and Diane were inseparable. They collected little glass toys called Miniatures, read and traded Nancy Drew books, had snowball fights and played with Tammy Dolls. When Diane grew up, she was sent outside to play outside in the morning, came inside for lunch then did not return back inside until the streetlights were on.
In fifth grade, Diane’s instructor was Sister Collete. Diane says that Sister
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