Dianna Assignment Essay

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Abbas Mohammad Pd.4A 9/4/12 Diana Assignment Princess Diana Dies in Paris Crash The discussion of how the interaction of speaker, audience, and subjects affects the text is fundamental one because it determines how effective the text is in achieving its purpose. The purpose of this text is not to tell readers only how Princess Diana died but also who’s responsible for the death and criticize them. However the news report failed to achieve their purpose they lacked to criticize the press, who were responsible for the death. Apparently BBC does not do a good job because they do not understand rhetoric and how it is situational. As a speaker they seem to be very boring and their details are not specific. News Report now these days have…show more content…
That is why the news reports need to be more competitive by doing these strategies Queen Elizabeth’s Televised Speech This speech does have a purpose, which is to tell the whole world that Britain is united in grief and respect for Princess Diana. Unlike the previous text this one does a good job because it does not bore reader because the speech has a unique style of not telling its real purpose until the near end which forces people to listen to the whole thing. Also it knows the subject and the occasion and in which the two things interact nicely. Also the Queen knows her audience who are the people shocked by the devastating news. As a speaker the Queen uses soothing tone that make her look like she is just regular person in grief for her grand daughter and does not mention any negative details like, if she were to have one, which would be her rage against the photographers or the press. In conclusion there is not that much criticism for this text because the purpose can be identified really easily by the stylistic phrases and knowing all the key elements of rhetoric. Also one of the most important factors that make this text more effective is the shift from “I” to “Our”, this pronoun is significance because it demonstrate the speaker to connect with others which is a key element in persuasion or speech. Earl Spencer’s Eulogy for Dianna The purpose of this text is the title of itself, a person’s eulogy
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