Diaries Are The Autobiographies Of Our Lives

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Diaries are the autobiographies of our lives. They showcase our deep and genuine feelings that are otherwise meant to be confidential. I employ the diary convention with the intention to showcase the monster’s, the rhetor, authentic emotions and thoughts. With his initial entry, and his following entries, the consequences of his lack of social interaction become apparent. Initially, the rhetor establishes pathos; his writing conveyed universal feelings that the audience can sympathize with. However, as he continues on with his entries the notable shift in his tone and the actions and thoughts, he described became creepy, eerie, and diverged drastically from the social norm. Subsequently, the readers will soon lose their empathy with the…show more content…
His inability to convey his interest properly, by social standards, forces the audience to reevaluate their initial thought of him, considering that he exudes a vile feeling, rather than what the audience was able to initially sympathize with. This shift in perspective represents society’s views towards people akin to the rhetor. Caused by his miscommunication the audience interprets his actions as peculiar and view it negatively. The rhetor’s unusual character is further strengthened by his abnormally intimate relationship with his mother. Diary entries are commonly addressed as, “Dear Diary,” however, his decision to initiate each entry with “Dear Momma,” depicts the personal and the close bond between the mother and her son. The rhetor’s employment of curse words throughout his entries, whilst knowing it is addressed, to his mother, symbolizes the strength and attachment evident between the two. However, his comfortable use of crass and vulgar language openly contrasts to what is perceived to be socially acceptable. According to Dr. Sylvia Rimm, in her article “‘Bad’ and Disrespectful Language,” she encourages parents to discourage the use of crude language and act on the “consequences immediately,” as soon as the deed is done. But, the lack of fear on his part displays that they are on friendlier terms compared to a
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