Quotes From Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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Day 1: My day started as any other day. We all got on the plane, on our way too a place, I forgot the name. Then the next thing, the plane was in flames and we crashed on the island. I was climbing this hill when I heard this sound, I took the choirboys with me and we found this boy with a shell and a bunch of other boys crowded around him. We all introduced ourselves and three of us when off to find food. I was with Ralph and Simon, this boy, Piggy, wanted to come but I told him “no.” We found a pig, I was so close to killing it. ““I was choosing a place,” said Jack. “ I was just waiting for a moment to decide where to stick it.”” ( Golding 31.) I couldn’t bring myself to kill that pig. The rest of the boys got mad, I told them i would…show more content…
“ That little un that had a mark on his face- where is- he now? I tell you I don't see him.” ( Golding 46 ). I don’t know who is gong to tell his parents. That's all I got for now, until next time. -Jack Day 52: I am so proud of myself. I finally killed that darn pig. When we got to the fire on the hilltop, guess who was there, that Ralph. He got so mad then we let the fire go out. We just went to find a pig to eat. Simon didn't eat a piece, I threw a piece at him. I started yelling at all boys because I gave them food and they didn't eat. After I calmed down a bit, the hunting group started to reenact the killing of our pig. I slept good, my stomach was full. I was satisfied. - Jack Day 86: After what feels like years, but actually months. Things have taken a turn for the worst, the boys want me to be the leader, but i’m not sure if I can do it. Ralph doesn't want me to be chief, he thinks that is a bad idea because I'm too reckless and, I want to get off this island as well as Ralph. He wants to be civilized and make shelters just in case we don't get off this island. He wants me to help, do I help, no way am I going to do work. Simon can help him, I really don't care. I just want to do things and not have Ralph tell me what to do. I can't wait to get off this island and away from Ralph and his pets Simon and Piggy. -
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