Diary Entry Lord Of The Flies

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Dear Diary, I’ve had to leave my parents because of the war. On the way to safety our plane was shot down. We have landed on an island and have a small group of boys stranded here. Oh how rude of me?! I’m Noah just in case any nutter would find this out here in the middle of nowhere. In case you’d need a description of me I am about 4’8, have brown hair, green eyes, and weigh 93 lbs. When the plane was shot down I went unconscious, after a while I woke to the sound of a high pitched noise. That I later figured out was the conch that Ralph and Piggy have found. After our first meeting we explored some of the island, but I wasn’t allowed to go cause I’m just a littlun even though I’m 8 and a half years old! The older boys went out and caught a pig for us. Jack is the leader of the hunters I like him a lot. He is very deft. I think Ralph is batty to be our leader, but that’s just me. The plane that crashed on the island is known as the scar of the island, because before anyone had been here it had no damage done to it. We have taken a unwanted jeopardy by being stuck here. This is all I have to say for now. I just hope I’ll get back to mum and dad soon… Dear Diary, things…show more content…
Today was a harder one for me. Jack and Ralph are still split up. Last night Jack came over to Ralph's camp with two other boys. They suppressed the biguns fort. Running out with something in Jack's hands, but about a night or so before that they came by to steal fire. Before Jack left he said something like :”Tonight we’re having a feast. We’ve killed a pig and we’ve got meat. You can come and eat with us if you like”(Golding 140). The offer tempted me and a few other littuns. We have wanted a change in diet for a while we're sick of these berries. I think I am going tonight, maybe even get the chance to join Jack’s tribe. I look pretty squalid. Afterall I am one of the oldest littuns left in Ralph's tribe I could help Jack. Anyways I will be attending the fire. Goodbye my
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