Diary Of A Young Girl Similes

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1. Why did you choose the autobiography? (3 – 4 sentences)

I chose this autobiography because I had read about it in many positive reviews. I also enjoy learning about the history behind World War ll and how life was for the Jewish who were caught in amongst the midst of war. It also tells a story from a child’s perspective which provides a different way of looking at the war and I can relate more easily as I am approximately the same age as Anne Frank when she began writing her journal. The autobiography is also written as a journal which is not a style of book that I am used to, which provided a challenge for me.

2. What features did the author include in their autobiography to interest the reader? (3 – 4 sentences)

Anne Frank includes pictures, similes, metaphors and diary entries written in the first person on her book The Diary of a Young Girl. She has pictures in the middle of the book to show important parts of her life that were captured on camera and supports her descriptions of important people and places in her life. Two similes used in The Diary of a Young Girl are Mr van Daan has been as nice as pie to me recently and we’re as still as baby mice this
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Jessica Watson and Stuart Diver’s autobiographies were about things I hadn’t ever thought about and I had already read part of Michael Clark’s diary and I found no interest in it. This was because I am not interested in cricket or sailing. Stuart Diver’s biography I felt was irrelevant to me as I would prefer something with a more historic background as opposed to a geographic background. Anne Frank’s diary was interesting and it enforced a message, looking on the bright side, this is shown when she says When I think about our lives here… we live in a paradise compared to the Jews who aren't in hiding. This was a great moral and was reiterated throughout the remainder of the
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