Diary Of Anne Frank, A Jewish Girl

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Introduction of Diary of Anne Frank This diary is a story of a young girl Anne Frank, a Jewish girl written by Anne itself. The diary of this young girl was published on 1942 in Dutch as Secret Annex. The diary of Anne was also displayed as a play in 1955 and as a movie in 1959. It discussed the reflection of Jews in this diary. Anne was born in the Frankfurt. She was the second daughter of her father Otto Frank, a German business man. She had lived most of her life in or around Amsterdam. This diary reveals the reflection of Jews and also the incidents of World War II when there was destruction all around. . She died in the age of 15 on January 6, 1945. Anne’s diary is not a tale of imagination. Her diary inspired various human organizations about the rights. From childhood she wants to become a writer but don’t and she also came to know from a radio broadcast in which the Dutch government urge to keep the letters that would help provide the record of what life was under the period of Nazis and she was excited but she didn’t saw this success live. In her diary she expresses her journey of that difficult time and it was the most popular novel of 20th century. It also describes millions Jews people who died in concentration camp during the War when they kept by Nazis of Germany. She called the diary her best friend and named it Kitty and it had gifted by her father on her 13th birthday. She kept all her emotions, feelings, her thoughts as well as the events that

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