Diary On A Soccer Aturday 1777: Soccer Game

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aturday 1777, I had a soccer game. The games started at 12;30, as I arrived at the game, I kept getting nervous and nervous. The frogs were a really good team and this was a huge game to us. This game determined if we made it to the championship or not. I knew all of my teammates were going to give it their all and so was I. If we won, we were going to go to the web and later on that night, stay the night at amy's house. Everyone was counting on the best player, jessa. Jessa was nice and super smart. I really looked up to her. Our team had 14 girls on the team. Our team was one of the best teams, in the district. The game had started, the frogs got the ball first, we took the ball supper quick.We were up 17 points, when the other other team,
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