Diary Report : Dear Diary

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Dear Diary,
I am very excited today as today is the first entry in my Potioneers log. In my log I will aim to look back at the first half of my second year and look at everything I have learned. I will not be listing all the things we have done in this log but merely pulling out the information which has interested me the most. I also hope to have a go at brewing my first potion. I can feel my nerves mounting as I type this.
One of the most important things we have covered this year has to be the ethics of certain potions and ingredients. I have to be honest this really isn’t something I have ever thought about before. Seems silly now as it’s obvious that the ingredients have to come from somewhere, I guess it’s easy for us to forget that sometimes they come from living, breathing creatures.
I just find the whole administration of potions fascinating as well. I guess I just always thought that orally was the only way to ingest a potion. This class has really shown up how little I know!
Today the moment I have been waiting for has finally arrived! I am going to learn how to brew a potion. I will be brewing the sleeping Draught to be exact. I am so nervous on the day of the lesson that my hand starts shaking and I knock a small glass containing valerian roots across the desk. I get a look from the nearest Slytherin but I don’t think anyone else has noticed. I take a few deep breaths and try and calm my nerves. The Professor passes my desk and nods at me
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