Diary of Negotiations

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First of all, I would like to outline that this course was initiated to set up strong communication skills and master personal negotiating skills. It was a good practice for our future business opportunities. It was good to start a practice from everyday life examples and then move on to the discussion of a business cases. During the lecture it was interesting to go through the test, which made us understand what the strongest bargaining style inclinations are. In this diary the main focus is based on selected cases and final solutions observed in each affair. Diary of negotiations for Hamilton Real Estate: Negotiations started by introducing each company representatives and explaining interests of both sides in selling and buying the…show more content…
So we offered them the price of $63M for Hamilton property explaining that this price is the best one we can offer, this price is with a big discount, the real price for this property is about $88M. Taking into account that the budget of Estate one is only $60M we reduced the price for them to $60M on condition that additional $3M would be paid if the commercial development is allowed in Hamilton. WAP for Pearl investment is $38M, WAP for Estate One is $60M, so ZOPA for this negotiation is $12M. BATNA for Pearl investment is to sell this property for $38M to Quincy Developments. Results of negotiations: The final negotiated price is $60M. Payment terms: advance payment after signing the agreement. But if the commercial development of the Hamilton is allowed the Estate One will pay Pearl Investments additional $3M during the next year ($1M per quarter). Diary of negotiations for MOMS.COM case: Initial strategy of preparing for negotiation was based on the following pillars: * Runs per episode have to be in between 6 to 8 during 5 years; * We have budget $6,5M for the 5 year contract We have started negotiating with proposal to run the show 8 times with licensing fee $5M. Our arguments were the following: * The show isn’t new, it had run as a regular show on one of major networks=>it’s familiar to majority of people and it won’t generate a high level of
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