Diary of a Homeless Girl

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I had a very tough day at work. I don't think i deserve this kind of treatment. The girls and i have worked so hard and only get paid twenty two and six pence. So we had to ask for a raise in money and better working conditions. As a result to us going on strike, i got sacked out of the Birling and Co. I thought if we reacted this way, Mr. Birling will have the heart to understand what we are going through. I was wrong. He was a self-centred, greedy man. All he really cared about is his name and money. Money was his first priority which means that no man what so ever mattered to him. It was himself before anything else.

Dear Diary

After leaving, i had no where to go. I don't have a family nor a home to stay in. I had no choice other than staying at my friend's basement for months. How could he do this to me? Knowing that it is almost impossible to get a job in this town. The condition i was in was horrible, i never felt so lonely and deseprate in my life. I knew i had to find me a new job. I am running out of the money i saved from work to pay my friend for rent. It was never my plan to get sacked out of Birling. I thought standing for my self would make a difference. I thought wrong… i regret it so much. If i had the chance to take it all back, i would.

Dear Diary

I feel lost, hopeless, tired and hungry. No relatives, No family; i miss having someone that cares about me. I know for a fact that if they were here with me, they would…

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