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Global warming has been a strong presence in the social debate for the last couple of years. Many people, both politicians, experts and regular citizens, seem to have many different opinions about the severity of global warming. The United Nations held a climate change conference, commonly known as COP15, in Denmark in 2009 as an attempt to adopt a plan of action. In that connection Helen Simpson wrote the short story “Diary of an Interesting Year” for the American magazine The New Yorker. “Diary of an Interesting Year” is a humorous post-apocalyptic story that begins in February 2040 from where it extends over nearly one year where the reader gains an insight into a world that has sustained the severe consequences of the …show more content…
knows how to survive by filtrating toxic water from the rivers and finding eatable foods for the both of them. One day they are not alone any more. When G. is killed, the narrator doesn’t write much about it. All we hear is that “G. didn’t have a gun. This one had a gun”. Instead of writing about her expected mourning over G.’s death, she writes down her feelings about M., which are not happy feelings either: “What he does to me is horrible. I don’t want to think about it”. The fact that she does not grieve for her husband can seem very cynical, but it could also be a reaction in defence of her feelings simply because it is too unbearable for her to think or write about it. Throughout the story the narrator is constantly on the alert of getting pregnant. Any birth control is completely unobtainable and in fact it seems as though it is impossible to buy things and groceries in the small suburb in which they live. Also, the conditions in this post-apocalyptic society has made it next to infeasible for an infant to survive: “I give a new baby three months max in these conditions”. After G. dies, the narrator gets beaten and sexually abused by M. and in the fall the narrator realises that she is pregnant with M.’s child. She gets really scared because there are good chances that neither she nor the baby will survive the birth: “I can’t be pregnant. I won’t be pregnant”. She tries whatever she can think of, including throwing herself into a pit where

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