Diaspor Jews Amidst Greeks And Romans

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Diaspora: Jews amidst Greeks and Romans by Erich S. Gruen describes Jewish life during the Diaspora and the positive things that emerged from the period. Erich Gruen was a full-time professor at University of California at Berkeley, Harvard University, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Cornell University. Gruen has also done immense research about the classic antiquity era and has penned several books about Hellenism, Judaism in the classic world, and the Roman Republic period. Jews are often portrayed as suffering throughout this diasporic period. Gruen looks at this period with another approach. In this book, Gruen argues that even though the Jews struggled throughout the Mediterranean, the Diaspora was not only filled with suffering, but that it actually benefited Jews. Based on his research and use of primary sources throughout the text, it is safe to agree with Gruen when he sheds light on the situation and shows that it was a generally happy and prosperous time for Jews and that much good came from this four-hundred year span between Alexander the Great through the destruction of the Second Temple. In the first section of Diaspora, Gruen describes the life of the Jews in three different regions of the Mediterranean—Rome, Alexandria, and Asia Minor. First, Gruen analyzes Rome itself and describes the living conditions for Jews there. Gruen describes that there was not really any persecution of Jews by Roman officials. The Roman government only conducted
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