Dichotomy In Public Administration

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In my own opinion, the distinction on an aspect of administration and the political dichotomy is both workable and also it is practical. The reason as to why I am saying this is that first, the two aspects in the field of government running are very necessary (Goodnow & Books, 2016). In order for the government to carry out its operations for the better of the general public who are the core principles in a public administration, it is of important to have the two aspects in place for the leaders in government to operate as required in order to yield the best results of their services to the public expectations. The two are in a dichotomy situation but however, there is a way that they can be integrated and used concurrently to yield better results in government operations in its leadership process.
To have this aspect of practicability and workability of the distinction, let us first examine each of the two aspects separately then from there we get to see the integration of the two to bring out an effective operational platform of the two.
First, let us think of an administration. We all know and appreciate that for an effective and efficient leadership, there needs to be a strong leadership and also the management characteristics of the administration in place need to be performing greatly (Association for Politics and the Life Sciences (U.S.), 2017). Another aspect that is supposed to be considered in the field of public administration and specifically government
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