Dick Spencer Case Essay

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The Dick Spencer case study contains multiple management issues but perhaps the most glaring problem is Dick’s micromanagement approach. This leadership style appears to be having a very negative impact on employee morale. Additionally, Dick’s approach seems to be perpetuating resistance to desired organizational changes. These three problems are not new to organizations, and a great deal of published literature exists that defines, describes and suggests recommendations to help overcome these issues. Some research data echoes other’s findings but others hold interesting points of view, especially with regard to micromanagement. MICROMANAGEMENT Micromanagement has been defined and described in many ways. In the most simplistic form…show more content…
One author suggests open communication with employees. The manager simply states the desire to change and asks for honest feedback. This is followed up with providing employees leeway and encouragement to perform tasks and succeed on their own (2010). The manager can then identify employees worthy of trust and capable of executing delegated authority (2010). An upfront agreement outlining a follow up schedule and results methodology is established to eliminate ambiguity (2010). Of course self-diagnosis and action plans for recovery are rare, so in these cases employees have to act. Micromanagement behavior can be very disruptive to the organization. Quite frequently the employees must take the initiative to take back their territory. Chambers (2006) gives several suggestions on how to do this. First, the employee can take the information initiative by finding out what data the manager needs to feel confident, then provide it ahead of time. The employee can also communicate progress on priority projects which illustrates awareness and timeliness. Stay clear on expectations by using a trail of memos or emails. Communication is vital as priorities shift, and it is very important to beat deadlines if possible. Exhibiting proactive behavior is key, and sometimes it may be better to ask for forgiveness than permission. This situation is where an employee can put a
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