Dick Spencer Case

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The Case of Dick Spencer

The Case of Dick Spencer
This case study is about Dick Spencer, Vice President of a large manufacturing firm, Tri-American Corporation. He was also a plant manager of Modrow company, the Canadian branch of the corporation. Tri-American is mainly focused on the production of aluminum and other aluminum related operations. The company has wholly-owned subsidiaries in five United States locations as well as foreign affiliates in fifteen different countries.
Tri-American was governed by a board of directors who set policy, which was then applied separately by the various plant managers, including Dick Spencer at the Modrow company. The company operates under a decentralized structure where each plant manager
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Even though there were multiple problems, the huge expense of the expansion would be offset by profits resulting from the plan to modernize the plant. More specifically, the investment in the aluminum siding division was being prepped to be huge profit item for the plant.

Although Dick had some success and the company’s senior management were happy to see a profit, Dick continued to face major challenges as a manager. The main sources of conflict stemmed from: 1) his lack of balance between his professional and personal life; 2) his ineffective communication skills with staff; 3) and finally, his micromanagement style and lack of trust in his staff.

Dick’s work-life balance. Dick’s work-life was entrenched with constant travel and meetings at work. Work consumed his life and this immensely affected Dick’s personal life. He forgot important appointments and events such as birthdays and dinner engagements. His inability to balance his life as both a senior manager and husband and father led to many family problems. He focused his life on work; as a result, his family felt abandoned and his inability to balance time between his job and family led to the failure of his first marriage. Dick should have reflected on his managing style to determine how he could better prioritize his time at work;
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