Dick Spencer Case Study

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Dick Spencer Case Analysis

Strengths as a Salesman Dick Spencer has had an interesting career. He began as a salesman at Tri-American Corporation and quickly worked his way up the corporate ladder to management level. He experienced many achievements and also many roadblocks during that time. This case analysis will examine some of the contributing factors to his successes and failures as well as provide recommendations on how he could have been more successful as a manager. Dick Spencer experienced great success very early in his sales career. His outgoing, likable personality could have factored into that success. High levels of openness to experience are associated with curiosity and a willingness to entertain
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Dick networked with the president of TriAmerican during company conferences and maintained a friendly camaraderie. Studies show that salesmen ages twenty six thru thirty five are anxious for advancement and maintain a good level of communication with their higher echelons (Apostolidis, 1980). Relationship networks play a pivotal role in the career outcomes of managers and professionals (Higgings, 2000). Researchers have found networking to be associated with individual access to information, resources, and career sponsorship (Brass & Burkhardt, 1992). Dick Spencer used his networking connections for career advancement after three years as a salesman. He requested a transfer out of the sales department and was granted a position in production. In addition to his sales ability, Dick’s support system could have played an integral role in his sales success. Researchers have linked interpersonal comfort with business success (Allen, Day, & Lentz, 2005). Evidence suggests that relationship closeness has an effect on a person’s ability to develop relationships (Hanoch, 2001). According to Hanoch (2001), “when people know that someone is there for them, the relationship becomes a resource from which they draw strength and enjoyment” (p. 3). This is evident in Dick Spencer’s case. During the first years of his sales career he was happily married and

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