Dick 's Sporting Goods Vs Sports Authority

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Dick’s Sporting Goods Vs Sports Authority: A Website Comparison
When accessing a website there are certain peculiarities that may enhance or distract from a pleasant experience. If those peculiarities are too great, a visitor is likely to leave the web page without completing the intended objective of the site owner. Toward that end, this paper compares the websites of two similar online retailers Dick’s Sporting Goods (Dick’s) and Sports Authority (SA). Comparisons were made of each company’s home page and product pages. Product pages were of similar items, by the same manufacturer if possible. The criteria used was modified from published lists however since most of these lists are several years old the author has eliminated some criteria that is obsolete with advances in technology and speed and included some criteria that is relative in today’s era of mobility, privacy and security concerns.
Pertinent Information
In this category, both companies ranked comparably. Both companies provided pertinent information on every page; and while there were differences, information was readily available on both sites.
Prominently Display Relevant and Updated Information
A retail website should focus its front page on key products it is promoting, giving details and call to action on inside pages (Stone, 2009). Both companies had promotional and seasonal items and display on their front page. Links within each graphic send shoppers to a detailed page with product

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