Dickens' Great Expectations

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Dickens' Great Expectations In this essay, I will compare the presentation of Pip as a young boy with that of Pip as an adult in "Great Expectations." This novel is about a young orphan boy Pip who is given great expectations, when an unknown benefactor gives him money to become a gentleman. In the process he travels to London, deserting the people who care for him. This is a typical Victorian novel in that it has sentimental deathbed scenes such as Magwhich's which is a turning point in Pips journey of realisation and self discovery. The novel was originally published in 1860, in instalments, thus explaining the apparently slow pace when read as a complete novel by a modern reader. I have…show more content…
This chapter, which begins with the letter, Dickens uses as a frame. The letter is written in Formal language; "when not agreeable please leave your word." This shows the change in relationship Joe and Biddy feel inadequate by Pips new status as a gentleman. Pip narrates with;" exactly with what feelings." He looks forward to Joes' coming. He is very embarrassed and shamed by Joe. Pip is thankful none of his high class friends, such as Bentleys Drummle will have the misfortune to meet Joe. When Joe arrives Pip knows instantly that it is him from the; "clumsy manner of coming upstairs." This is due to the fact that Joes' boots are too big for him, this shows poverty and dickens' now creates pathos around the figure of Joe. When Joe finally enters Pip's apartment it is obvious how over whelmed Joe is by the manner in which he grasps Pips hands and works up and down; "as if I had been the last patented pump." This imagery adds to the comic element of the novel. Dickens uses such vivid imagery to show how Pip finds Joe's lack of mature ness hilarious, which presents him as quite an insensitive and cold person. Dickens uses further imagery when describing Joes' hat as a 'birds' nest' I this chapter Pip is mocking Joe's nervousness in the presence of a 'gentleman.' Pip does little to make him relaxed, which suggests he feels this barrier between them is
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