Dickinson’S Infatuation With Death.Emily Dickinson Is Well-Known

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Dickinson’s Infatuation with Death Emily Dickinson is well-known due to the fact that she uses an immense amount of death in her poetry; she is also known as being reclusive and death-obsessed. Although other poets don’t typically use large amounts of death in his or her own poetry, Dickinson decided to take her own path in order to get her point across; meanwhile, some found her obsession with death rather disturbing. On the other hand, death could be interpreted through various forms of symbolism. For example, death can symbolize things such as equality, religion, and journeys. Additionally, death can be used to express the loss of a loved one or even an internal loss of yourself, such as despair. Her poems about death…show more content…
She appears to be irritated with the fact that she was labeled as something without having a choice; also, she was “[b]aptized, before, without the choice. . . [u]nto supremest name” (8,10). In poem 1732, she states that her life had already closed twice before it was close, but she is waiting to see if there is a third event ready to happen; however, “[p]arting is all we know of heaven,/ [a]nd all we need of hell (1,4,7-8). Dickinson mentions in Poem 324 how [s]ome keep the Sabbath going to church”, but she “keep[s] it, staying at [h]ome”; she talks about “[s]ome keep[ing] the Sabbath in Surplice. . . [but she] just wear[s her w]ings”, as well (1-2,5-6). She believes “instead of getting to Heaven, at last -/ [she’s] going, all along”, even without keeping the sabbath at church and without wearing surplice (11-12). Dickinson mentions in Poem 49 about how “[t]wice. . . [she] stood a beggar/ [b]efore the door of God” (3-4). Dickinson doesn’t necessarily put down religion, however, she doesn’t quite agree with parents who enforce religion upon their children due to the fact that she was once a child raised similar to that kind of lifestyle. Dickinson utilizes death in order to describe the stages of life as a journey. By elaborately using

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