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Recommendation & Implementation: Recommendation Summary Given the strength and rapid growth of online retailers coupled with the national brands attempting to decrease their dependency on middlemen retailers, Dick’s must consider a strategy that ensures their continued relevance and dominance in their respective industry. Attempting to go against Amazon or other large online-only retailers would place Dick’s at a disadvantage given that their overhead costs will never be as low as the companies that do not need to hold and operate prime retail real-estate. For the aforementioned reason, this report advises against committing excessive resources towards the development of the e-commerce platform, DicksSportingGoods.com. Similarly, the focused expansion of private labels may not necessarily achieve long-term market relevance for Dick’s in the sporting goods industry. Furthermore, aggressive expansion within the private label sphere may alienate current key partners, such as Nike and Under Armour, which would be detrimental to Dick’s revenue streams both in the short- and long-term. Instead, this report suggests that Dick’s continues to expand its presence as a platform provider.…show more content…
This network of physical locations could also be used as a service / support network for this platform. Sales representatives should be hired to aid coaches in transitioning to this platform. The physical presence and Dick’s branding will encourage confidence and faster adoption within the sporting community. Furthermore, marketing of this platform could be done at a relatively low cost as long as the marketing happens within the confines of the brick and mortar locations. However, the development and marketing of this platform should not transform Dick’s into a service-focused company, it should rather complement its product-focused orientation which is where Dick’s enjoys competitive

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