Essay on Dictating the Sexes- Removal of Gender Roles

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Pink is for girls, and blue is for boys; tends to be a default for raising children based on their initial sex at birth. However, I propose that such a limiting standard be removed much as girls should play with barbies and makeup; and boys should play football or with monster trucks. In today's day and age, sex and gender now seem to rarely match up now with more teenagers seeing themselves as being homosexuals and being in a generation that allows people to be more open than in previous ones. There is also more acceptance towards transgendered individuals for the coming years. I propose that we eliminate gender stereotypes, and help homosexuals, transgendered individuals, and even heterosexual children, so that others can see why gender …show more content…

Gender roles for homosexual individuals would find themselves more confused or cut from a different cloth, because of how they cannot conform to the norms of gender roles, especially concerning bible verses of a man should marry a woman, or how society can treat a child that is too masculine as a girl, or too feminine as a boy. ***
In the case of transgendered individuals their gender identity- the sex that they see themselves as- is different than their actual sex. So, to make the two differing sides- body and mind- to match up, transgendered individuals change their physical bodies to blend seamlessly into their self-identified gender in society. Much like the transgendered man, Chaz Bono, who was born Chastity Bono. He was a man trapped in a woman's body and he told interviewers how he went through reconstructive surgery in order to feel like a man, instead of two separate people. *
Concerning comments on the internet from the public, there seems to be a stigma of how it is 'strange' for the individuals to mutilate themselves just to appear as the opposite sex, but there is also- in the medical and psychology fields- an understanding that these are people who do suffer, not from a mental illness of some sort but from just not being born the right sex to begin with. The idea of giving gender roles for these transgendered individuals would be cataclysmic, especially with the

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