Diction In Macbeth

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Emily Wang
October 14, 2016
Period 3
Act II
Dreams and Visions: Battle of the Subconscious
In Macbeth, Shakespeare uses diction to portray the mental states of the protagonist and his friend Banquo, emphasizing that the greater truth of a person’s mind is hidden within the subconscious. In the scene before the murder of King Duncan, Banquo casually tells Macbeth that he had “...dreamt last night of the three weird sisters” (2.1.20). The two continue to talk about the Sisters, but Banquo fails to elaborate more on the details of his dream. Although he seems relatively aloof about this topic on the outside, Banquo still unconsciously thinks about the eerie prophets. However, his focus on them and their outrageous prophecy is minimal, as revealed
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