Diction of Othello

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Diction is the author's choice of words, taking into account correctness, clearness, and effectiveness. Shakespeare's works focus on human problems and resolving them. The use of Shakespeare’s diction throughout Othello is very unique because he is very clear in the emotions and the plans of characters. He lays out what a character's plan is before he acts it out. He also has a tendency to retell the recent events. These subtle hints allow the reader to foreshadow and develop a feel for each character. The intimations of what’s to come is prominently seen through Iago’s soliloquies. He often speaks openly of his plan for revenge that only the reader will know. This in turn creates dramatic irony. The effect of this type of diction is that …show more content…
On the other hand, he sometimes made women seem vicious, spiteful, or malicious. It is believed that Shakespeare wrote about two types of women, virtuous subhuman or deceiving subhuman. He believed that a woman could go from virtuous to deceiving, but could never return to the virtuous status. Throughout the play, Desdemona is a very compliant and submissive wife to Othello. She believes that it is her duty to be a “good wife” and that it is her only role in life. When Othello abuses her, she blames herself, never thinking one negative thought about him. She thinks that she cannot exist without her husband, just as she did not exist without her father. Shakespeare’s diction describes Desdemona’s character when she says to Othello “And yet I fear you; for your fatal then when your eyes roll so. Why should I fear I know not, since guiltiness I know not, but yet I feel I fear” (5.2.37-38).She does not even know why she is afraid of him, as she did nothing to feel guilty about. She has nothing to be ashamed of, yet the sight of Othello, her husband, makes her scared of him. Desdemona was a strong, wealthy woman who was willing to stand up for what she wanted. The only thing she truly wanted, however, was Othello. In order to fight for him she would have hurt him, which she could not do. This creates a great internal conflict for Desdemona. When Othello finally confronts Desdemona about the so called affair with Cassio, Desdemona is shocked and tells Othello: “I never
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