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BIBLE DICTIONARY PROJECT I CHARLIE MITCHELL Old Testament Bible Dictionary Project RUTH Book of Ruth is a romantic drama and love story on how God use people to carry out his divine agenda. Even non-believers carries God message, as depicted with Ruth, a Moabite woman (Gentile). “Historically, Ruth is the lynchpin of the covenant. Theologically, the story of Ruth and Boaz illustrates the biblical concept of redemption” (Ed Hindson and Elmer Towns, Illustrated Bible Survey: An Introduction, 2013, page 111). While the authorship of the Book of Ruth is anonymous, some experts’ thinks possibly it was written by Nathan. The love story centers during the era of 1020 to 1000 BC, and signifies a “Ray of Hope” for the Israelites. If…show more content…
Give me a man and let us fight each other” (1 Samuel 17:10). The challenge was issued eighty times, no Israelite stepped forward. On the forty-first morning and the eighty-first challenge (David had only heard it once). “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God” (1 Samuel 17:26)? As the final curtain falls of the story of David, so does Goliath with one of 5 stones David had selected from a creek bed. David rose that morning a boy, when the sun set, he was Israel hero. His many escapes from the wrath of Saul, with the aid of Saul’s son, Johnathan. Further attributes that God’s hands were upon David for something greater than he had anticipated. Not a bad saga, considering David rose from a court musician and armor-bearer. To be the King of Israel and later united the kingdom as one. Further sealing the lineage for the messiah lineage. He later went on to write 73 verses in The Book of Psalms. “There are no easy roads to victory. It takes faith and courage to face obstacles of life. And the spoils of victory do not go to the weak or fainthearted. The victory goes to those whose faith exceeds the obstacles” (E. Hindson, et.al. page 161). JERICHO Jericho: There is not a book in the bible that specifically dedicated to the City of Jericho, the significance of this city lies within Israel conquest and settlement in the Promise Land. Jericho in Hebrew means, "City of Palms.” The events
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