Did American Exceptionalism Cause Irreparable Damage or Spell Success

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In the evaluation of American exceptionalism it is essential to consider what exceptionalism is and how it has been integral in production of the modern day United States of America. As a result of exceptionalism and indeed expansionism in America it is also of supreme importance to look into the effects of such a radical policy, in particular the plight of the native Americans, how their lives were changed and in many cases destroyed because of Anglo-Saxon settlement. With the lives lost, the culture destroyed, the land plundered and as a result a nation created, the end did not justify the means.

The contraception of the term ‘American exceptionalism’ is widely disputed, but the one thing that remains constant is the aura of innate superiority that has been attached to it. In understanding the significance of this term, it is necessary to delve even further into the past than the time of its first use – to the initial settlement of the eastern seaboard of America. Sporadic waves of settlers arrived in America in the early 17th century (mostly from Britain) through to the 1770’s, by which time Britain had thirteen individual colonies consisting of approximately two and a half million settlers along the Atlantic coastline. During this time, Spanish settlers had also occupied Florida and the Southwest. It was this period of…
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