Did Anyone Ever Escape Alcatraz? Essay

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Many people would love to believe that Frank Morris and the two Anglin brothers lived through there escape from Alcatraz, but it cannot be proven. It has been fifty years since their escape and we still have no evidence as to whether or not they ever even lived. Alcatraz has become one of the most haunted places in America and was home to some of America's most notorious criminals. Some will choose to believe that the ghosts of Alcatraz exist, but others may not. So, why did Alcatraz shut down? How did the prisoners escape and are they alive? The famous Alcatraz Island is located in the San Francisco Bay one and a half miles offshore from San Francisco, California. One might say that the climate on Alcatraz is very…show more content…
(Alcatraz History). We know that the staff and their families ate fairly well on Alcatraz, but what about the prisoners? Alcatraz prisoners would receive food such as Beef Pot Pie Anglaise, Baked Meat Croquettes, and Bacon Jambalaya. Some ex-inmates had compared Alcatraz food that of fine restaurants because of the quality of food produced from its kitchens. Former prisoner William Baker said, “It was rich. It was heavy. It was greasy. It was good.” Coming form an ex-inmate that is now eighty years old, and can still recall the taste of the food served to him, has got to be saying something about what their food was like. Alcatraz was said to have the best food in the entire U.S prison system. Would it be a good idea to let some of the countries worst criminals handle your food? In Alcatraz the inmates who had many different ethnic roots were responsible to cook for every prisoner. (What Prisoners Ate at Alcatraz in 1946: a Vintage Prison Menu, Gourmet Menu from Alcatraz Shows the Surprising Grub Served up to Inmates, Eating Like an Alcatraz Inmate, Hyatt Hotel Serves Alcatraz Prison Food). Taking into consideration that the island was not that big, prisoners cells were not that small either. Most prisoners lived in B and C Blocks of the prison and each cell was five by nine feet. Every single cell was equipped with a sink that had only cold water, a cot, and a toilet. The segregation cells

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