Did Departures Deserve the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar

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The crowd fell silent as the winner was announced for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. “What is this film that just won?” many might have asked themselves while others wondered, “Really, how can this be?” The votes were split; at least this is the idea of John P. McCarthy. The film Departures received many different reactions. Most seem to believe that the film was deserving of the Academy Award while some have contrasting opinions. While both Philip Kennicott and John McCarthy agree that Departures contains a traditional plot line and a slightly humorous twist, Kennicott’s review is more developed, identifying some of the underlying points of the film while McCarthy’s review was rather vague and judgmental.
Both reviews differ greatly in opinion. They did, however, agree in some areas of the film. Comparing the two, it is seen that both reviews found the film to be traditional. It was simple, straightforward, and predictable. Kennicott wrote, “The weakness is the film’s social agenda, which is all in the service of old traditions. Give up your urban dreams, go back to your home village, take up the old ways, the old rituals, the old social connections.” McCarthy said in his review [Departures was] “Filmed with straightforward precision and respectful simplicity.” Departures seems to be one of the many films out there that leaves behind a slight déjà vu.
Although it is a predictable film, both authors agree that the film has a humorous twist to it. Kennicott
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