Did Joseph Stalin Cause The Start Of The Korean War?

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Did Joseph Stalin cause the start of the Korean War? Joseph Stalin is a well know leader of the USSR, leading them through the Great Depression and into industrialization. But what many people do not know is that Stalin was the mastermind of the Soviet Union who sucessfully manipulaed many countries to do his biddings for him. An example of this is the Korean War. Stalin thought that a war between North and South Korea could give him and the communist party a cheap and fast victory in the Cold War. He also wanted to entangle the US in other war affairs to weaken their global dominance. Joseph Stalin also thought that getting China and the US to fight directly would give him a better chance at winning the Cold War, since the US would be occupied by China instead of the USSR. While many people believe that Joseph Stalin was the main instigator of the Korean War, there are other researchers who conclude Syngman Rhee was a major cause of the Korean War. For example, Syngman Rhee was aided by his belief that North and South Korea should be united. He took this to heart and started a war over this envisionment of a combined Korea.
Stalin, a tactical genius, initiated the Korean War, because he saw a potentially cheap Cold War victory for the communist movement. The Cold War was headed by the communist party of the USSR against the democratic party of the U.S. Each major power would supply their allies with weapons and make them fight battles against the other side. As part of

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