Did Nixon Achieve Peace with Honour?

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Did Nixon achieve peace with honour? It can be argued that President Nixon did and did not achieve peace with honour. During the war Nixon had two contradictory aims; to get out of Vietnam quickly and to get out of Vietnam with honour. This proved to be problematic as if he withdrew all troops in an instant, and left the South Vietnamese army (AVRN) to fight their own battle, he would be seen as cowardly and lose honour. Nixon played a vital role in the war in Vietnam as under his presidency saw the extreme escalation of the war and end of the war itself. Nixon tried to achieve peace with honour by shifting US policy with “The Nixon Doctrine”, this meant nations were now responsible for their own defence. Bragg, a renown historian,…show more content…
In these camps malaria, dysentery, torture and even executions were common. Another problem that arose from the withdrawal of the US was the amount of half US half Vietnamese “Amerasians” who were treated as out casts and often had to turn to prostitution. Finally another big reason how Nixon failed at getting peace with honour was the Cambodia and Laos has both become communist, probably due to the amount of bombing that occurred in Cambodia (under “saturation bombing”) had helped communism establish itself, and a knock on effect was the taking of Laos. In conclusion Nixon did not achieve peace with honour, although he did try. Effects like concentration camps, the establishment of communism in two other countries and the amount of Amerasian outcasts caused peace with honour to become hard to see. Nixon succeeded in withdrawing his troops from Vietnam but failed to gain honour as he left the war ravaged
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