Did Rome ever Fall?

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Scholars however fail in providing an accurate and reasonable event for when the Roman Empire truly fell. Did Rome ever truly fall? The Roman Empire encountered many economic problems, faced a lot of political instability, and gained many new religions within its society. As time went on, it transformed and gained a new identity. However, the true Roman Empire, it’s ideas and virtues are still present in society today. With this in mind, the answer to the question becomes quite obvious, Rome never fell. According to Plato’s theory of form, the material world is nothing but an illusion and the realm of Ideas are the only thing considered real. He is indeed correct, although the physical world constantly changes, Ideas remain immortal. The Ideas and concepts surrounding the Roman Empire are still alive today. One example is separations of power. In Roman times as the Roman Empire grew, there was an increasing amount of gaps and instability between the higher class and the poor. There was also corruption among the leader of Rome because of to much power. In return, the empire’s power was divided into three parts. The Consuls, the Senate, and the Assembly of tribes. The consuls were in charge of Rome’s military authority. An equal of the Roman consul in America is the President who is the head of the executive branch. The senate is the…

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